Western boots for women are commonly known as cowgirl boots. Cowboy boots were designed for riding in the eighteenth century. Earlier these shoes were generally used by riders for riding purpose because of their durability and stylish look. Now they are used in almost every aspect daily life. These boots are famous because of their well reputed durability and individual style. 283143759_41d44a8dfd_o

Cowboy or western boots are becoming very much famous nowadays because of their unique style. Because of their comfort, unique style, durability and confidence sale of western boots have rapidly increased. Millions of people are searching on the internet and in markets for fashionable western boots to develop some unique style.


Types of Western Boots

There are different types of western boots; we will discuss few of them here.

Classic Cow Boots

Classic cow boots are common western boots. They have angled heel of one or two inches and twelve inches height from ankle. They are good for riding and walking. Classic boots are excellent for dance parties and also for everyday use.

Western Riding Boots

Western riding boots are specially designed for horse riding. Because of their structure they prevent rider from falling by catching in stirrup. They have high angled heels, smooth leather sole, taper toe. They are laces free.

Work Western Boots

Work western boots have low heels as they are comfortable while walking. They are cheaper than other cowboy boots as material used in such boots are less exotic and less artistry.

Western Fashion Boots

Western fashion boots are available in a variety of styles. Different heels, height and design, are available in each and every size. Synthetic material is used instead of pure leather in fashion boots. Stage performers use such boots because of tall knee height shaft. Fashion boots have a pointed toe, colorful decorated shaft and are available in bright colors. They are not best for riding or professional use but are good for going out on the town.


Ropers are new design of cowboy boots. They are similar to riding boots with lowest heel in all cowboy boots and lowest height with few inches above ankle. They are designed with a round toe with a flexible sole for a comfortable fit. Mostly ropers have laces that provide best fit and support to the ankle.

5491473796_52f6824ea7_o Different Styles Of Western Boots

Western boots are mostly made of smooth leather sole. Combination of heel and sole is good for riding purpose. High heels are best for riding or managing short height. While low heels are comfortable in a professional working. Western boot has narrow pointed toe. Modern manufacturers have introduced variety of toe designs. Some of them are:

  • J-Toe ( Sharply pointed)
  • R-Toe (common shape in western boots).
  • D-Toe
  • W-Toe, or U-Toe
  • Square-Toe


Tips for buying Western Boots for Women

Visit few western boot outlets and try few pairs of boots to check how they fit you. Focus on brands, heel and toe shapes that suit you best. Wear socks while trying for boots that will help in choosing proper fit and comfort. Internet is the best option of all for buying boots. Tons of brands have launched their sites with all articles available on them with full description. Do care your boots for long usage and keep them clean and safe as possible with give instructions with the product.