Bikinis, swimwear, and bathing suits are terms with which a blessing sensation of swimming comes into the mind. Ever you think that swimwear is same for all women and body types? And are they fashionable enough to spruce up your look on the beaches where your body plays a vital role in your appearance? Some ladies are lucky enough that they can wear each, and every style of bikinis and bathing suits but this world is full of the different kind of body types and all ladies are not the same.


A Little History of Bikinis, swimsuits, and bathing suits

Eating, sleeping, and clothing all are necessities of our daily life. Bathing and swimming are also like the same, and these are our essentials and basic human instinct. In Greek times, people practiced swimming or swim nudely. Our lifestyle and living habit changed with the time. In the 18th century, women used to wear long gowns, and sort of weight was attached to their hems not to float the gown while swimming.

Then after the 20th century, the world got a new breed of swimwear. One piece swimming suit became popular among the ladies. In the beginning, an Australian swimmer was jailed to wear one piece swimsuit. High waist swimsuits then became popular, and they are in the fashion since then.

“Come” was the smallest bathing suit that appeared in the sky of Paris. Jacques Heim was the man behind two piece bathing suit. Two piece bathing suits got the popularity all at once and became the hot favorite of ladies. The bikini was the term introduced in the same era; it was 1946 when another French man entered The Bikini to rest of the world. Interestingly Bikini is named as Bikini due to a place when Atomic bomb experiment was done. Louis Reard knew the importance of his invention, and it was like an Atomic Bomb.

Bathing suits for body types

Women body system is very complex, and it undergoes many changes with the passage of time. Some ladies at a particular age may be slimmer, but she goes under difficult circumstances and can become bulky. Due to the reason women always have to change their clothing and living habits. Swimwear as an important type of clothing in our daily life also changes along with the type. The good news is that under different scenarios women can look pretty with different kind of dresses. Let see on some primitive body types and appropriate swimwear.

Women with Small bust and boyish type bodies

It’s not a problem, but ladies can have a straight and thin frame. They are very common and can feel odd while looking full busted and curvy women around them. They quickly can go under inferiority complex, but it is not like that. Ladies with young type bodies can certainly enhance their looks on beaches. In 1960s topless monokini was introduced that was criticized at those times but later they got popularity. Monokini style bathing suits (not topless) are perfect for ladies with straight and thin physic. They can show off their curves, and it also enhances visuals of their curves. Some detailing on the top or bottom can certainly improve their feminism appearance.

The Smaller bust is another problem that ladies probably feel in their early ages. Even women with a bust like AA-B can look great in swimwear. Women with such problems should try Halter style tops and should avoid nonsliding triangle tops. It is evident that going with two piece swimsuit is ideal for them.

Women with Big Busts and Belly

Now let’s talk about ladies having big busts and a little fat belly. Big busts are not a problem, but what to do if they don’t match with the entire body. Does that mean such ladies can’t enjoy their swimming life? Here is a solution for everything. Women with big busts should use swimwear with underwire because these support their busts. At a proper level, these uplifts the bust and figure gives a classic look. Calypso cut swimwear is a fantastic choice. Dark colors also do the job, and they’ll look fabulous.

High-waisted bathing suits are a good combination for big busts and fat belly. Nobody likes a muffin top looks, and this can be a reason for ladies to be reluctant on beaches. High-Waisted swimwear allows women to cover up their large belly area, and this can be managed very well. One piece swimsuits are the alternative to High-Waisted bathing suits. So if someone selects any of it, she is going to look great.

Plus size suits and Short legs

Petite ladies can also be reluctant to the swimming due to their shorter legs, and on the other hand plus size women can feel the same. High cut and mid cut swimwear are ideal for petite women. Two pieces swimwear, and monokini style bathing suits are perfect for them. Larger girls can wear the bathing suits that nip in the waist because these cover their bust and hips very well. These give a smoother look that can be an ideal figure for someone.