Are you one of them that are looking for a great pair of Rubber Boots for women? There is no need to worry as there are so many options of Rubber boots available. Fashion is of great importance in our lives. One cannot just deny the importance of style in everyday life. Fashion is not all about wearing stylish clothes and other accessories but about how to wear them. It deals with all aspects of life from casual to professional, from street to the office and from marriage to the funeral. Usage of fashion is equally necessary for every aspect of life but casual use principal of all. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags, glasses and all other do contribute to personal style equally. Here we will discuss women rubber boots or rain boots.


History of Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are also known as Wellington boots because they were designed by Arthur Wellesley, who was the first Duke of Wellington. Leather material was used in Rubber boots. Duke typically used the style, so it became famous as Wellingtons. Rubber boots were then expanded by the American Henry Lee Norris. In world l, they were provided to a soldier in order secure their feet from any danger and wet circumstances. However, after the war, those shoes became very famous amongst civilians. Soon rubber boots had flourished in fashionable society. They became daily work boots. Firstly, they were made of hard rubber in dark shades. With the evaluation of time, rubber boots became a highly fashioned item and were seen in elite society of fashion.

When the weather is gloomy, and the sky is gray, there is no better time or women to put on a pair of colorful rubber boots to protect her feet from being wet. When you go to market, you will be amazed to see the variety of rubber boots available in the market. There is an enormous amount of rubber boots out in stores, but few of them are more durable and fashionable than other ones. It is very confusing to choose the right pair for such amount of boot. In this article, we will discuss the different types of rubber boots and their qualities to make it easy for choosing the right pair for you. Nowadays these boots are available in various colors and style with maximum comfort. Here are some great rubber boots.

Gabriella Rocha Rubber Boots

One of the best options for women is Gabriella Rocha made rubber boots. They are very comfortable and vivid rubber boots. They are mainly available in purple and brown shades. These boots Offer an adjustable strap on the top buckle to get a perfect fit while looking stylish and keep feet dry in wet weather.

Classic Wellingtons Rubber Boots

Classic Wellingtons are available in different designs, but the basic look is still same. These boots usually come up to knees, but some are also available in ankle length. They are made up of rubber material as they are strictly water-proof and are excellent in rain and muddy conditions. These boots are available in a wide range of design and are high fashion items in the fashion world.

Knee-Length Rubber Boots

Knee length boots are famous for their sexy look and complete protection from rain. These shoes go up the knees and show-off slim ankle and calves. They appear perfect with short skirts and skinny jeans, allows peeking at skin below thighs and above knees.

Mid-Calf Rubber Boots

Mid-Calf goes above ankles and half –way up to the legs. Knee-length skirts and skinny jeans look great with these boots. Wedge rubber boots are other famous rain-boots with better comfort as compared to others. In cold places, warmth is the fundamental problem in rubber boots. However, designers have solved this problem by producing Fur-lined sheepskin boots that are perfect wear for these chilly areas. They are also very comfortable and stylish in design.

Polo sports also offer rubber boots that are known as Palau. They are knee height rubber boots made especially for wet seasons. They are perfect for these women that love vivid and bright colors. Royal blue or fuschia are main colors of these boots that can make a statement against the dark clouds.

Sorel offers Chukka ankle rubber boots for women. Chukka rain boots are an excellent way to express you in with style and comfort. These rubbers boots are comfortable and very efficient in keeping dry in wet seasons. They offer elastic goring and a pull tab on the back to get them off easily. They are easy to get on and are available in four colors i-e blue, red, purple and yellow.


Tips for buying and caring Rubber boots for women

While buying rubber boots keep in mind that every manufacturer has different sizing in a boot. Try each pair first before buying. Search on the internet for your popular article, then go to a market where you can avail it easily. Another option is to keep visiting market in season; it will help you in choosing the right design. Rubber boots are high resistant to moisten and protect feet from the water and other moister. It protects from sliding and skidding. Too tight may hurt the foot whereas too loose may cause a trip that usually results in injury. Rubber boots should care properly for extended life. Store them in the cool and dry place. Avoid them placing in sunlight and heat. Wash them if they are muddy with cold water; also treat boots with silicone rubber conditioner to keep the rubber soft before storing them in the off-season.