Fashion is a common term used for the practice of popular style in clothing, make-up and other costume of a particular time. Fashion is a scientific art and artistic science for the learning of combination of colors, clothes, shoes, style and other pattern for the right time and place .According to the president of tailor association, before you speak, you have already been profiled on this basis of your appearance. Fashion is a reflection of one’s mind. Fashion is not confined to any age. We can examine around ourselves many fashionable kids, teenagers, mature and old people too. Everybody adopts fashion according to his own taste. In-fact every-one in this world want to improve in health, wealth and other activities. When it comes to improve their appearance, men and women adopt fashion which suits better to their personality.


We all are not born equally nor do we grow in the same way. We cannot argue to God about our shape, size or anything,but we can make our life better by seeking for the better in many ways. It is one of the serious problems to find an appropriate fashion for our-self. The truth is no body is perfect. Everyone has some sort of deficiency either in shape, color, body etc. In-fact, women are more committed to improve their appearance through latest fashion as compared to men. Proper clothing is the most important part of fashion. Someone rightly quoted that” Dress is the poetry of fashion”. Every women love to wear beautiful dresses. Women search for the right dress to wear for every party and other events of their life. Here are some useful tips for women clothing.


  • To achieve a slim look, always wear a free flowing fabric.
  • Always wear a dress according to your body structure.
  • If you have fair complexion, use bright colors they suits you better.
  • If you are wheatish-colored, use mix shades of white color and slightly light shades of others colors.
  • Golden copper shades are best for dark complexion.

One of the most important thing about clothes is, always wear clothes of you own size. Do not use over sized clothes as they look very awful due to their miss-fitting. If you short in height, it is better for you to wear short dresses rather than long dresses. If you are thin, do not wear sleeveless clothes .It is better to wear dark colors as they hide your body structure. Fawn color and beige are best for average height people. Free flowing fabric helps your in achieving long and slim look.




Jewelry is next to clothes regarding fashion. There are various designs and style of jewelry suitable for different ages. Remember jewelry speaks more about you than your clothes. Always make sure that jewelry you wear blends well with your style. Charming bracelets, golden necklace, earrings, diamond rings and small platinum pendants are most used jewelry now-a-days on various occasions. Women use jewelry made from precious stones for special occasion. Costume jewelry plays a very important role in latest fashion trends. Here too, like clothing the advice is to wear jewelry which suits best your style. It does not matter how much costly and latest jewelry you are wearing, if it is not according to your style.



Handbags are another important aspect of fashion. Stylish handbags are very popular in women nowadays. Charming handbags adds beauty to fashion trends. It seems that women feel incomplete without fashion or like a wanderer in the desert. One will find variety of handbags with every women. Women love to have handbags that match their dresses. Leather and fur handbags are very much in fashion nowadays. Large handbags are not only helps in enhancing the fashion but also helpful in keeping important things like money, makeup kit etc. Usually large handbags are used for shopping and small clutches for special occasions.


Fashion is nothing but highlighting the best of your-self. In other words hiding the flaws of your-self. In-fact, how can we forget about shoes? Shoes are also very important in enhancing the effect of fashion. Matching and decent shoes are very famous in women. Without proper shoes fashion is always incomplete. There are choices ranging from slip ones to sandals and from high heel to flat dress shoes. You just need to choose the right one for the right occasion. Fashion is the reflection of one’s mind that what kind of person he/she is. Proper fashion always boosts up your confidence in any occasion e.g meeting, marriage, office etc. When you feel good automatically its give you a pleasure.