Do you remember the era when petite womens clothing had no wearable meanings to it? There were no choices for the petite women. Having shorter height means all those ladies were going to wear the same thing. They look alike giving the feel of an army. Everybody could guess that the woman is smaller and could be ugly. Thanks to great designers who focus on petite women clothing. It is a blessing anymore because petite ladies can wear those fashionable clothes that were meant for above 5’4”.

What is available for Petite Women?

Petite women dresses can be mentioned in a fashionable now. There is an extensive collection line available throughout designer clothing stores. Designers now design petite clothes according to their shapes and body styles. They take some important figures in mind while designing these clothes. It’s not very difficult to guess these tips and tricks. Petite, average height, dress styles, and their complexion all are the factors that are keeping in mind to design the petite dressing.

petite summer clothes

Wear that looks slimmer and Taller

It is the fact that there are cloth styles that look like slimmer and taller, on the contrary, there are dresses which are perfect for others. Broad patterns may look good on taller ladies and more fashionable, but they are not built for petite women. Wear the small model clothes because they will be symmetric to your body.

Avoid dresses that divert the attention to your hip and waist areas. Wearing the contrast can be another reason including all others. For example, avoid wearing a black skirt and white top. Wear the same color skirt as it will give you a continuous look. Put in similar color shoes that should be taller. You should wear skirts above your knees; longer skirts give a stubby look.

Jeans for Petite Women

petite_jeansJeans is everyday worn nowadays. Taller, shorter, or average person in body, everyone wants to wear it. When talking about jeans for petite women, there are a few options available, but there are some factors that can make it easy for petite people to select and wear the right pair of jeans. Those factors include size, style, fabric, color, and fitting.

For petite ladies, it is best to wear dark color jeans. The original color of jeans is blue that varies a lot. From light to dark there can be thousands of shades. Darkest blue denim is the ideal Jeans for Petite ladies. As Jeans is also available in other colors like Black and much more, Black and Burgundy are great dark colors for Petite Women.

Along with classic denim, other fabrics is also available in Jeans. Mostly cotton mixed with spandex is used for manufacturing Jeans. Cotton with spandex includes some flexibility in the jeans, but you should be careful with pure cotton because it can shrink if not washed before manufacturing. Always read the instructions before washing your jeans for the first time.

Style, rise, and Inseam are other factors that make some jeans a unique jean for petite ladies. Always go for the Jeans that could fit your hip. Don’t consider the waist because that is alterable. Low rise jeans are not appropriate for petite ladies, go with a middle rise. In most cases, inseams are not suitable for petite women; Jeans got a bad shape after altering. Don’t use styles like pleats, bell-bottom, and pockets with flaps. Straight Jeans are ideal, and mostly these fit well.

Petite Summer Dresses

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Petite summer dresses

Hilary Duff, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Hayden Panettiere, and along with Amanda Seyfried, I can give you names of 38 more celebrities who are petite or under 5’,4”. Visit this petite celebrity link for all of them. Ever you feel these stars are shorter or ugly while in summer? No, they are not, in fact, they are the beauties on this planet. Ever you think how they can manage their appearance to look smart, slim, and beautiful.

As I mentioned above, these factors are style, colors, and compatibility of a dress with your body. As we are talking about summer, black is not going to be a color for you to wear because of the warm. I suggest you go with solid color, and you can go with yellows, blues, or browns. Use the dresses with vertical strips as they are best to look you taller. Horizontal stripes will give a stub look to you. Skirts should be worn above the knees and for another type of dresses, keep the proportion of the dress with your body.

Petite cocktail dresses

petite cocktail dresses


Cocktail parties are the most prominent ways to show off your femininity. Apparently, nobody wastes such chances, and cocktail parties are one of the common events in our life. For petite women, it may sound horrible, but it’s not that complicated. If I say that the cocktail parties are real dress parties, then I’ll not be wrong. So show some clothing and skin to dominate the party. A petite cocktail dress to me means pure silk, chiffon, taffeta, and such fabric. Wear dresses above your knees as you’ll look taller and confident.

Although Black is very vital in petite cocktail dresses, it is not always true that the black will work for everyone. Having petite figure, and dark complexion don’t allow you to wear black, so there are other options. You can wear Indigo chiffon dress that should be above your knees, V-neckline often works great for petite women so keep such factors in mind.

With the perfect dress, undergarments, and jewelry, any petite women can dominate all the party. Cocktail dress often means a little show of your body so wear proper undergarments to show off some cleavage, although it is not necessary. But if you are comfortable with it then all this combination can be dominating. Check this Salma Hayek for what I am talking about.