Mens Casual Fashion is important for their career, social life and influence on other peoples. Fashion is not confined to the female gender. In certain circumstances like your age, height, skin color and other facts that are not in your control, you can present yourself in a best possible way. There is a proper style for everyone be it kid, young man, mature or an aged person. Fashion helps you to look more professional in a business meeting, society and other aspects of life. A well-dressed man always has a better impression on others. This article will give some useful ideas about man’s fashion.


Unfortunately not every tailor at a store is talented enough to provide you a perfect dress. What you wear must match your skin color, height, hair color, body type, and other factors. So, the first thing is to choose a right tailor for yourself. Keep the point in your mind while shopping for the pant; always choose a medium pant with slim legs. Never choose a long pant, if you are short in height. Man’s pant should not be short. Those that cover your socks are very best. Always wear a same color belt with the pant. Pant should be at waist level near the navel. The pant’s bottom should be touching the shoe uppers, but not the ground. Wearing a fitting shirt is another problem for man. White shirt with a black pant is a perfect combination for office, party, interview or any other special occasion. Do not wear a tie over short sleeved shirt. Always wear a matching tie with a shirt. Your tie must reach the belt line.


Shoes are important for your entire look. Lace-up shoes look decent with a fitting suit. Always keep your shoes clean and shiny. You can prolong the life of your shoes if you hang them on a shoe tree when not in use. Do not wear some shoes for consecutive days. The color of your shoes should match your pant, belt, and shoes as well. Another important aspect of men fashion is wearing a conventional wrist watch. Broadly speaking, wrist watch style is dying nowadays. But still, people with proper fashion taste use to wear branded wrist watches. But branded watches like Rolex, Prado, Fossil, Omega, Movado, etc. are so costly that not everyone can afford to buy them. There is a good alternate of it. Swiss Replica watches are good decent watches and not so expensive like other branded watches. Though they are not adequately branded watches, their look is much more decent that one can imagine.


These are some important rules for men fashion. Hope they will help out in proper dressing.

1. Your belt should always match your shoes.

2. Tie and shirt must match.
3. Good eyeglasses
4. Matching socks
5. Decent wrist watches


I have shown you many facts and explained them all one by one.With these handy style tips, you are sure to choose the right fashion accessories to enhance your appearance.