Polo shirts for men were introduced in 1972 by Ralph Lauren. These Polo shirts are casual and comfortable with the classy look. Polo shirts for men are specially designed to provide maximum comfort and stylish look in casual wear. Polo shirts are versatile enough that they can be used at home, formal event, office and in sports too. Simply tucking the shirt and adding a belt, the polo shirt becomes more attractive. They are designed for fitting, not to be too loose. While selecting polo shirt, keep one thing in mind that they should be fit but not tight.


Types of Polo shirts


images1There are six different types of polo shirts. Blended Polo shirts are famous for their affordable cotton and synthetic material. They are stain and wrinkle resistant, because of their comfortability and reasonable prices they are very famous. The shirts are available in embroidered and printed forms. Jersey knit comes next in polo shirts. They are made of elastic material and are wrinkle free. They are excellent for embroidery purpose and in medium price range. Performance polo shirts are good quality shirts for casual use.

They are lightweight, stain resistant and durable. They have embroidered shirts with the high price. Polyester polo shirts are great price shirts because of their resilient and durable quality. They are also stain resistant and wrinkle free in a feature. Cotton polo shirts are comfortable and inexpensive shirts and can be embroidered and screen-printed. But the catches stain and wrinkle with no resistance. Silk Polo shirts are light and comfortable shirts. They are best for occasional dressing. Silk shirts are expensive and can neither be printed nor embroidered.



Proper Use of Polo shirts


images4Certain polo shirts are very reasonable for occasional use. For casual use, cotton shirts are very best, and tucking in can make it more classical. Performance shirts are sporty and casual, but they are not appropriate for occasional proper use. Silk polo shirts are good dressy shirts while polyester and jersey knit shirts are casual and somehow slightly formal.

Polo shirts are best with shorts and straight cut pants as they are fitted. Polo shirts look classier when they are tucked in the belt. One thing more that proper contrast of shade is critical in wearing polo shirts. Always use light color pants with dark shirts and light color shirts with dark colored pants.

Shopping Ideas

images3Polo shirts for men are popular because of their classy, comfortable, casual, sporty and fancy look. Because of their use in many occasions, they are very reasonable and necessary. They are available in every size and for every season. One can find a vast variety of polo shirts according to his mode quickly.

Polo shirts are readily accessible in clothing stores everywhere. Web sites are very helpful for shopping nowadays, and many brands have their websites for polo shirts properly categorized. One can take new ideas from some locations while going for shopping. Hope this article will help in finding fit polo shirt for men.