Well, you cannot deny that a watch has a significant influence on how you appear, regardless of whether you wear it primarily for timekeeping or as a status symbol. On most occasions, it even catches people’s attention right away and sometimes people also admire your watch. A watch thus conveys a lot about your taste and style in addition to showing the time.

However, it is very important to know how a watch can improve your fashion sense. Whether you are wearing a Swiss replica Rolex timepiece or an average Seiko watch, you should know how you can style it with your dress. It is very important to have this understanding that what type of watch will go best with which dressing sense.

The truth is that wearing a high-quality watch immediately enhances your appearance. When you wear a nice watch, an outfit that you might deem simple or dressed down can become a fashion statement.

Below are the 7 best types of watches that can improve your fashion sense.

List of 7 best watches to improve your Fashion sense

  • Rolex Day-date
  • Vincero Icon Automatic
  • Tissot Gentleman
  • Citizen Eco-Drive Corso
  • Nordgreen Native
  • Vacheron Constantin Patrimony
  • Fizili Ultra-Thin

1. Rolex Day-Date

How a Watch Can Improve Your Fashion Sense?

A lot of people decide to wear Rolex Day-Date on their wrists to symbolize their success in life. Famous people and powerful figures like presidents favour the Day-Date as their primary timepiece. Well, it is the first wristwatch in history to have both a display for the date and a display for the days of the week printed out in full was a Rolex model. It’s also important to remember that Rolex developed the President bracelet, especially for the Day-Date, which is distinguished by semi-circular links arranged in a three-link pattern.

Furthermore, the name of the bracelet makes it possible to call it a president watch as this watch becomes a must-have watch for the most influential people in the world. You can buy this beautiful watch with the option of 4 different precious metals and a choice to add diamonds or not.

2. Vincero Icon Automatic

How a Watch Can Improve Your Fashion Sense?

Well, you have probably already spent a significant amount of money on your tux and other accessories if you have a black-tie event scheduled. You don’t need the extra cost of an expensive timepiece. Choose this Vincero inexpensive yet fashionable dress watch as it is the ideal timepiece for both fashion and the wallet.

It has a black dial with rose gold which looks beautiful from the inside, and on the other side, black leather straps are there. If you are looking to buy a decent and elegant watch under $500, then don’t go further because this watch is available only for $320. The prize may vary on different platforms.

3. Tissot Gentleman

How a Watch Can Improve Your Fashion Sense?

The Tissot Gentleman Dress Watch is an impressive example of how a watch can look excellent simply by being simple. The date window at 3 o’clock, which provides good contrast, is the only feature that disrupts the dial’s design and contributes crucial information.

The watch casing measures 40 mm in diameter, is 100 m water resistant, has a sporty appearance overall, and is powered by a high-end Swiss quartz movement that will keep you stress-free for a very long time.

4. Citizen Eco-Drive Corso

How a Watch Can Improve Your Fashion Sense?

An incredible watch is the Citizen Eco-Drive Corso. Roman numerals are used for the 12 and 6 hours, indices are used for the other hours, and the 3 o’clock position is occupied by a straightforward and understated date window.

Its overall elegant appearance is a result of its simplicity. The 40 mm watch is thin and comfortable to wear on the wrist. It goes well with just about every type of clothing because it is versatile.

5. Nordgreen Native

How a Watch Can Improve Your Fashion Sense?

The Nordgreen Native is a fantastic everyday watch that may also be worn to a more expensive event because it successfully balances modern elegance with practical functionality. Its slim profile makes it ideal for both professional and informal settings.

Furthermore, you can avail of this watch with multiple strap colour options, which you can adjust according to your fashion desires. The quality of this watch is very good compared to the price, as you can buy it at an affordable price.

6. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony

How a Watch Can Improve Your Fashion Sense?

When it comes to high-end watches that can be worn at the most elite parties and events, Vacheron Constantin perfectly captures the style and elegance we’re all seeking for. Its 40-millimetre size, superb proportions, and minimalist dial make it visually appealing.

The simple baton-style hour markings are paired with dot-based minute markers, all in rose gold, to match the casing. This watch can withstand the occasional splash without too much concern because Vacheron Constantin is continually striving for perfection and the watch is water-resistant up to 30 meters. The brand’s iconic design is carved into the buckle which makes this timepiece one of the best watches that can improve your fashion sense.

7. Fizili Ultra-Thin

How a Watch Can Improve Your Fashion Sense?

As most of us are a black lovers and this Fizili watch comes with an eye-catching mat black dial with mash straps that look absolutely amazing. If you are wearing this watch with a tuxedo-style suit, your personality will look totally different. The simple seconds dial is the only added complication on the dial, which is circular and flat. It is also remarkably tiny and barely 7 millimetres thick.

The Fizili Ultra-Thin is a very attractive watch that emits some major cool factor, whether you choose to wear it to work or save it for special occasions like weddings and birthdays.


This list of watches is the best wearables that can definitely help you to improve your fashion sense. Most of the watches on the list are dress watches because most of us find much difficulty in selecting what type of timepiece we should wear on special occasions such as interviews, business conferences or on weddings, so, if you have any watch which is listed above, you can wear it on any special occasions because these are all dress watches and you can wear them on any special occasions.