Gold earrings for women have always been a unique accessory to boost their beauty. Every woman loves to have several pairs of gold earrings for different occasions. Here are some beautiful ideas about gold earrings for women.

Origin of Nuggets

Nugget is a natural gemstone that is not shaped by jewelers and is left in its actual form. Even if nugget is shaped, its natural look remains same. One of the most amazing facts about nuggets is that this beautiful metal is unique then diamond. One ounce of nuggets metal is unique than five karats of a diamond.

Nuggets jewelry styles are available in rings, earrings, necklace, body jewelry, bracelets, and anklets. Jewelry is considered as excellent when natural stones or metals are used in it. Rarity, perfection, weight and authenticity all determine the value and price of jewelry.

Platinum_nuggetsTypes of Nuggets

Gold nuggets are found in earth’s surface; mostly in rivers and streams. Small gold nuggets are used by jewelers in rings, earrings, watches and bracelets. Large gold nuggets are used by artists in pendant, necklace, and bezel. Such jewelry is in high demand by jewelry lovers and collectors. There are few popular stones used in nugget jewelry.

Turquoise is found in Chine, Egypt, South America and the Southwestern United States. Copper increases the blueness whereas iron enhances the greenness of the Turquoise stones. This stone is a symbol of luck and wealth in American culture and other cultures. Amethyst is available from light lavender to dark purple color. Coral stone is found in the bottom of the sea and is very hard substance.

Real coral is of high value nowadays. Coral is rare than gold weight wise. Mainly it is found in Tunisia, Japan, China, and Sardinia. The dark red rose color is the best feature of Coral stones. It is primarily used in bracelets and necklaces. Rose Quartz stones are very popular in nugget jewelry. Mostly they are found in Brazil. They are available from pale pink to rose-red color. Titanium, Iron, and Manganese create its color.

Different Types of Gold Nugget Earrings

Earrings are the critical part of women’s jewelry. Without earrings, women’s fashion is almost incomplete. Every woman is very conscious about her jewelry. Lust for finding a better jewelry is never ending for women. Above, we have discussed nuggets metal and accessories that are made of it. But here we will discuss only some beautiful Gold Nugget Earrings for Women.2536128385_e69f34be5e_o

Gold Nugget Heart Door-Knocker Earrings combines the stylish door knocker earrings with heart hoop earrings. They are small but are bold enough to be noticed. They are very light earrings with cute fashion style.

Turquoise and Coral Beaded Nugget Earrings are mixed colorful stones, and bright gold plating makes these earrings enchanting.

Gold Drop Post Earrings are created with adorable molds. They are charming and earrings. Such earrings are timeless earrings, whether you are wearing skinny jeans, silky blouse or evening gown; they give you a cute look.

Gold and Galactic Nugget Earrings are made of gold and galactic nuggets. Because of their irregular shapes and mixed gold silver, such rings are perfect for moderate girls. Extra sparkle is added to nuggets for catching the light and shining gold bezels. 3404389775_3a0b260806

Gold Nugget Stud Earrings are high-quality earrings. These types of earrings are designed for long lasting. Although they are quite small in size, their appearance makes one’s personality very attractive and classy.

Love Nugget Gold Earrings are most beautiful earrings in this kind of jewelry. They are manufactured in small flat round shape with a little heart at the finishing point. With their light weight and decent shape, they are very popular among every age women.

The variety of gold nuggets earrings is so enormous that’s hard to explain in one article though we have discussed the nugget stones and gold earrings to some extent.