Shoes are the important part of our dressing. One just cannot deny the importance of casual shoes for men in any aspect of life. There is no better feeling than to wear a shoe that fits you better. In early days, shoes or other footwear were used for the protection of feet from harmful materials. But nowadays it is no more confined to the protection; it is a proper fashion tool. One can find a variety of shoes of every size in the market. But finding good shoes for oneself is always a difficult task. Shoes are used in all aspects of life, i.e., at the office, playing, home, parties and so on. Comfortable shoes allow you to enjoy all the activities of life.


Casual Shoes for Different Occasions

Everyone’s foot size is different from other people. The best shoe for is the one the gives you proper support, flexibility, and support. Various types of shoes are used on some occasions. It depends on what kind of outfit you are wearing or on occasion. 2

Men casual shoes are available in a variety of style and material. While buying shoes, keep in mind the point that selects these shoes that can be worn daily with almost all of outfits. A good pair of shoes not only gives you a decent look but also express your personal style. Casual shoes are meant for daily wear.

Different Types of Casual Shoes


Casual lace-up shoes are comfortable and can be used daily. It can also be used with a variety of outfits for all special occasions. Lace-up shoes are best for business, meeting, and interviews. An everyday style, cape-toe, and wingtip are the most popular of lace-up shoes. Loafers are next to lace-up in casual shoes for men. They are made up of beautiful leather. Usually looks very decent with the proper suit. Commonly, loafers are black and brown shoes with bright lines. It is used with suit and ties and fitted jeans. Deck shoes are classic casual shoes for men in daily use. It is also known as topsiders. Deck shoes are mostly used without socks in warm weather. Deck shoes are rustic and nautical in appearance, so they are best for outdoor use in the summer time.

These shoes are mostly used without socks in warm weather. Such shoes are rustic and nautical in appearance, so they are best for outdoor use in the summer time. Moccasins are made up of comfortable fabric, mostly of synthetic fur. Most shoes are used indoor because of their soft material. They can be used as slippers in the home and can also be utilized in a casual situation. They are very effective in cold weather situation because of their inner lining. Espadrilles are mostly known for their flat and sturdy bottoms. They are used without socks mostly in warm weather. Because of their cloth top, it is light weight and looks quite attractive without socks.


Shoe Material

Shoes are mostly selected because of their material of which it is made up. The style of shoes does not matter mostly, but the thing that matters a lot is its comfort and durability. Here are some common materials of which shoes are mostly made. Loafers, lace-up and other dress shoes are mostly made up of leather. The leather is most durable material for shoes. Another important shoe material is suede. Suede is also made up of leather but with a bit soft and less formal appearance. Loafers and other casual shoes are made from suede. Mostly, an upper part of the shoes is made of canvas. It is easy to clean and very durable fabric. Rubber is used in making the sole of shoes.


Proper use with dressing

Try to use shoes that are dark in color then your pants. Also, try to match the color of your shoes with your belt. Almost every color is perfect to be used with jeans but avoids shiny one because it looks more appropriate with proper dress. Sandals, boots, loafers, and sneakers are good with jeans.


Try to use matching shoes with your pants or make a perfect contrast. Black shoes are best with black pants, navy, and gray whereas brown shoes are excellent with beige, brown, green and other dark colors. With blue, khaki and gray burgundy shoes are best. Tan shoes are practically white, cream and other light colors.