That little sentence “What are the Best Swimsuits for women” can have long explanations because it is not limited to one specific person. It is not too long when bikini or swimwear designed, but we have limitless bathing suits options. All this starts at the beginning of 20th century, but it seems like that swimwear is among us since very first lady on this planet. As a result of evolution, we have several different kinds of swimwear so let me introduce them namely rather than explaining them according to body types. A specific swimwear type can have several uses for different bodies so, for awareness, we should know what swimwear type someone can wear.

One piece best swimsuits

One piece swimsuits are most common and frequently used bathing suits. Before the world came to know about Bikinis, and two piece bathing suits, everyone used one piece swimsuits. Women all around the world used one piece bathing suits for several purposes like swimming, bathing on seas or just for sunbathing. One other conception about these that women feel themselves modest as compared to other swimwear.

One piece swimsuits are modified forms of different women wear. It covers the torso of a woman. Maillot, tank-suit, leotard, and halter neck all are in the same shape such as one piece swimsuits. Wetsuits also fall in one piece swimwear, swimmers, and divers use such wear because it has some skin type surface that works like a skin on the fish in waters.

Two piece swimsuits

In the beginning, know as world’s smallest bathing suit, Bikini started in 1946 by French designers. It was after world war era, and people showed their freedom. As compared to one piece swimsuits, Bikinis got popularity among ladies due to its glamor touch and different options. Women were reluctant to wear two piece swimsuits when introduced due to restrictions and body show off.

Later the designer of bikini started to advertise it and then many popular celebrities wore these. After gaining the popularity, Bikini or “two piece swimwear” become the conventional swimwear all across the world on beaches. We have many variants in bikinis that include Bandeaukini: (it is the oldest form of bikini, also known as Bandini)

Monokini: Firstly seen in 1964, it is just the lower part of a bikini

Pubikini: Firstly seen in 1985, bikini’s version to show the public hair

Skirtini: Firstly recognized in 2011, it is a skirted bottom and bikini top

Sling bikini: Firstly seen in 1990, it is a form of monokini but with side straps going to upper

String bikini: Firstly seen in 1974, it is named due to its design.

Tankini: Firstly seen in 1998, it is a tank top and bikini bottom

Trikini: Redesigned in 2005 by D&G, it is a bikini bottom stringed halter of two triangular pieces of cloth covering the breast.

High Waist Swimsuit

Exposing the body on beaches and or hiding the flaws of some of your body are two opposite things and women cover them with different outfits. High waist swimwear is for those who want to look decent, comfortable, and hide some belly fat. Having big bumps or large tummy are two different things. High waist bathing suits solve the problem for both types. They support your large bumps or large tummy and flatter your body. If talking about the shape of the body, these are perfect for hourglass shaped women.

When talking about high waist swimwear, it is not only to wear some specific or fixed type of a bathing suit tagged as high waist swimsuit. Someone can wear high waist bottom only to cover her weak areas, and if she is a fuller from busts, then a sports bra can be used instead in place of a regular bikini upper piece. So choices are now limitless regarding high waist bathing suits, and this is a simple rule to wear them.

Push up Bathing suits

Bathing suits with push up tops are most seducing and attractive to women. You are worried about the decollete, but push up swimwear is going to convert that fear into happiness. Push up bathing wear is very comfortable and enchanting. Mostly it is made up of a foamy fabric and has inner pockets with extra padding (which is removable).

It gives you +1 number instantly as you wear it. Push up bathing suits is not even suitable for women with a small bust, but they are perfect for almost all of them who have uneven breast, not well shaped, or bigger ones. Furthermore, there are many variants of Pushup swimwear available, let me quote a few of them.

Triangle top pushes up: These are perfect for attracting the people around you as these are perfect to show off the maximum. These just have two fabrics on the bust, and you can adjust the size with removable push-up cups

Triangle Bikini Tops: Do you want to appear your bust area marvelously? Go with Triangle Bikini tops pushup. These pushups with the help of neck strap increase your looks surprisingly.

Bandeau Pushup: These are good when you need support to your breasts. The padding of foam gives you very good support, and these are ideal for cup sizes, A, B, and C.

Molded and Underwire Pushup swimsuits: These are the good fit for women with the small bust as its underwire give good support to the body, and molded cups provide a good appearance as it has to pad in it.

One shoulder swimsuit

Do you know one shoulder dresses and swimsuits stand for the bravery and the distinction? If you want to stand out in the crowd at the beach, go for one shoulder swimsuit. Most people think that women look great in bare shoulders, but one shoulder is on the top of anything. For more prominence, have some prints on the bad side of the opposite of your bare shoulder.